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The power of


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to any other pet bowl on the market? (It's magic!)

The Halo Bowl is the very first and only pet bowl in the world to receive US EPA approval to claim "kills 99.9% of bacteria 24 hours per day".  No other bowl can make this claim! Studies have shown Halo Bowl has been shown to kill bacteria up to 2 feet away from the surface.... "the Halo Effect" 

Element Pet Products creators of the Halo Bowl is the first pet bowl in the world to be made with Cuverro, a US EPA registered copper alloy, known for its antimicrobial properties. Cuverro kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria within 2 hours, 24 hours per day and keeps killing harmful bacteria 24 hours per day.....day after day.

That slimy harmful substance “biofilm” that pet owners are all too familiar with won’t stand a chance. Never again will your pet eat or drink from a bowl full of germs and bacteria.  Cuverro is a copper alloy manufactured in the USA and independently tested for harmful contaminates such as Lead, Mercury Cadmium.  With 99% of pet bowls sold in the USA made in China or India we took a different path as the Halo Bowl is 100% Made in the USA in Chicago, IL by a US EPA registered manufacturer using heavy duty 22 gauge Cuverro copper alloy. 

There is no substitute!

Nothing else compares to Halo Bowl, not glass, not ceramic, not plastic and not even stainless steel. Glass can be dangerous and injure your pet, ceramic can also break and has microscopic pits to trap bacteria and plastic has been shown to be the worst at trapping bacteria in its easily scratched surface. Halo Bowl will never crack, chip and is a solid antimicrobial copper alloy so even in the unlikely event of a deep scratch Halo Bowl still kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria.

Stainless steel pet bowls up until now have been a popular choice for pet owners; however, unlike Halo Bowl stainless steel has zero antimicrobial properties that protect your pet. Stainless steel can harbor dangerous bacteria and germs deep in scratches from routine use and cleaning. Additionally, studies have shown that even after placing a stainless steel bowl in a hot dish washer germs and bacteria are still present.

Halo Bowl is not not just a pretty bowl!

In addition to quite possibly the most beautiful pet bowl anywhere, Halo Bowl, has numerous features that ensure a safer environment for not only your dog or cat but your family too. NSF, the National Science Foundation recently conducted a study that found that pet bowls were the fourth dirtiest item in a household. Halo Bowl, made with Cuverro, kills 99% bacteria within 2 hours, 24 hours per day is a safer option for not only your pet but for your family. So while it may look beautiful the Halo Bowl is working hard 24 hours per day providing a safer environment. Halo Bowl is smartly designed with smooth inner contours for easy eating (and cleaning) and an open flange that will not trap food or debris.  The Halo Bowl with its heavy 22 gauge copper alloy is no pushover and includes a non skid base so your pet cannot push their food around or spill their water.

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